Chasing Light and Sound; The Tuba Music of Elizabeth Raum

Chasing Light and Sound: The Tuba Music of Elizabeth Raum presents the works written for the tuba in a solo role between 1991 and 2002 by Canadian composer Elizabeth Raum.  The works on this recording were all written and commissioned by the late Canadian tuba virtuoso John Griffiths.  These works include works originally written solo for tuba and orchestra – Legend of Heimdall, tuba and wind band- T for Tuba, Pershing’s Concerto, tuba and piano- Concerto Del Garda and one work for unaccompanied tuba- Sweet Dances. These works are all presented here with the accompaniments as piano reductions.  These pieces have become standards in the solo tuba repertoire and are frequently required as solo competition pieces world-wide.  Elizabeth Raum is arguably the most prolific composer for the tuba in a solo role.